Monday, May 14, 2007

One Fine Day as My Father Bought Stamps

A funny story about my 81-year-old father--it was mid-December, and he needed postage for his bills. He went to the kiosk in the mall where they were selling stamps, and he stepped up to the counter. The nice lady there asked him, "Would you like flag stamps or the Madonna ones?" My father, who had obviously been watching way too much Extra! on TV and no time at all in church, frowned at her and growled, "I don't like that Madonna!" The woman sheepishly slid the flag stamps across the counter to him.

He told me that 10 minutes later he realized that the woman was asking him if he wanted to purchase stamps with THE Madonna on them, not that "dirty" Madonna on television. The cool thing is that he sees how damn funny this situation was, and he laughs at himself for it.

This is just one example of how unintentionally funny my father can be. Stay tuned. There will be more.

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Anonymous said...

That damn Madonna IS dirty. Good fer yer daddy.